Welcome! This is the online home of artist Deborah Gregg. This shop is somewhat new, so we're glad you're here! Deborah also sells on Etsy (see her shop here) but has just recently made the leap to having her own independent shop.


About the artist

Deborah Gregg grew up in Illinois with her parents as a middle child with four siblings. She has lived in many places but always loved the Midwest the most for it's beautifully changing seasons. She currently resides in an old farmhouse (complete with flowers and picket fence!) in small town Minnesota. She has two adult daughters, Rigel and Brigitte, four beautiful grandchildren, and of course always a kitty on her lap.


About the business

Deborah was an artist at heart from a very young age, and tried many different styles over the years including oils, watercolors, and acrylics on different media types. She sold in galleries and did occasional odd jobs (for example she painted small peg people to fill wooden trains for a local toy company. They loved them! No two were the same) but it wasn't until the internet came into the picture that she was really able to focus on her art as real source of steady income.

She lived in rural Nebraska at the time and chose the name "Chicory Skies" for the beautiful blue wildflower that matches the big Nebraska sky almost exactly. She got started selling on eBay at first, painting with acrylics on old barn wood. That went well! They were heavy and delicate to ship however, and barn wood wasn't always readily available. Doing some research she came upon the concept of small format art and ACEOs, and found there was a good market for small original paintings in collectible sizes.

She painted every day, a painting a day usually. So many little pieces! So many little stories. All inspired by her own life, her childhood, her love of God and gardening and nature and all things living, great and small.

She painted collectible ACEOs and other small format sizes daily for many years, selling them on eBay and eventually also getting started on Etsy. She realized that while she loved painting relying solely on selling originals made scaling up her business very difficult (also just taking a day off!) and so the idea to create prints from her work was born.

And what a blessing the prints have been! Deborah continued painting originals, creating prints of each one, up until recently when she developed some health issues that include a significant tremor on her right side. The tremor has made creating new paintings near impossible, but the prints live on!

The Etsy shop is still going strong but this new shop represents the next step for Deborah in making her art business even more her own. The business has also become a joint effort with her oldest daughter, who has taken on much of the technical and day-to-day business tasks.

About the prints

All of the prints for sale here on ChicorySkies.com are taken from originals painted by Deborah Gregg. They are protected by copyright and are not available for reproduction in any way. Unless otherwise noted all prints are produced on archival quality photo paper by a professional printing company that we work with based out of Buffalo, New York.